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Our Promise

You can depend on us for an unrivalled choice of composite front doors, delivered promptly, straight to your own front door or to site.

Supply or Fit

Not only do we measure and fit of our composite front doors, but we also do a supply-only option throughout Essex, the home counties and nationwide.

Excellent Choice of Front Doors

Working in partnership with 5 of the UK’s top front door manufacturers, Truedor, Solidor, Sliders UK, Rockdoor and Door-Stop International.

Well here it is fitted and I absolutely love it!! It far exceeds expectations. I love the glass especially. Its often a worry buying from the internet as you never get a real feel as to how something will look on arrival. The guys that fitted it were pleasantly surprised at the quality and finish and it fitted perfectly. One of them took a flyer so expect more orders soon. Again I would like to thank you for the service provided and would not hesitate to recommend you to others

If you are looking to buy a composite front door online, you have come to the right place. Front door makes it simple and easy to design and buy a front door online. If you are looking for a cheap composite door, we can help you.

Our prices are cheap, but by no means are our composite doors. A cheap priced composite door from us doesn’t mean a cheaply made door.

If you search door stop doors on the internet the average prices you will find we have the best prices online. We are confident that you won’t find the same door online any cheaper, anywhere.

Our doors come pre hung in the frame and are ready to fit. With the right tools and measuring anybody can fit them.

Buying a composite door from us at a supply only price and then finding a fitter or fitting it yourself can save you lots of money. A glazing blogger recently posted that the average fitted price for a composite door is £948.00 and they can cost as much as £3500.00 from somewhere like Everest. With a composite front door from us costing from a low £373.20 you can see how you can save loads by buying supply only and fitting yourself or paying a fitter direct. A fitter should charge between £150.00 – £200.00 to fit a single door with minimal trims. There is your saving of over £400.00 by doing it our way, the Front Door way.

We supply Door Stop, Truedor, Solidor, Sliders UK and Rockdoor. These are among the few composite doors sold in the UK that are made in the UK. Our slabs aren’t made in China like some others, they are made here in the UK.

A composite door from us isn’t a cheap made door, it’s just the price that is cheap. We never compromise on quality in any way, shape or form. You may find other doors online at lower prices but check what they are made of. There are composite doors out there that are made of timber and even some that contain egg boxes.

Over half a million doors supplied and fitted in the uk


Easy Measuring

When measuring for your new Composite Door, remember the door comes pre-hung in its own PVCu frame with all the hinges and locks already fitted and the tolerances between door and frame have already been taken into account.



Measure in millimetres from brick to brick and deduct 15-20 mm. This will allow a small amount of movement to ensure the new frame can be fitted perfectly upright. If your house is rendered or pebble dashed it may be necessary to remove a small section to expose the edge of the existing frame.



Measure from the top of the existing frame to the under side of the sill and deduct 30mm. The reason for this deduction is that your existing sill is most probably 45mm thick and your new PVCu sill is 30mm thick.

To ensure that your new door will miss any carpet on the inside if you deduct 30mm and lift the door and frame up you can still use the low PVCu threshold. Remember its always better to be a bit small rather than a bit big

To Save money why not fit the door yourself, its easy and will save you hundreds of pounds.  If your still not confident after watching our video then please get in touch and we will arrange a fitter for you

Helpful Measuring and Fitting Video

We have filmed one of our front door installations to show you how easy our composite front doors are to fit.

If you want to fit them yourself, you can follow this video and it will show you step by step what to do.

From unwrapping and prepping your front door to fixing it and finishing it off with trims. But you don’t have to fit your own composite door, we also have fitters that will do it for you. Check our list for your area or email us for details. Either way you can get a new front door and save loads.

A small selection of our most recent front door installations

Door-stop guarantee

The Door-Stop Secure Guarantee is available for all Door-Stop doors bought from us using the ERA Vectis lock. It guarantees the homeowner a replacement door plus £500 compensation in the event of a break in where the locking mechanism has failed.

How Long Does It Last

The guarantee remains in place for 10 years from the date of installation regardless of whether the property has changed hands.

How Much Will It Cost

Absolutely nothing.  We will even carry it over to the new homeowner if you sell your house.

ERA Vectis cylinder-free lock

The ERA cylinder free lock is a high security option. With a traditional mortice key the door doesn’t need a euro cylinder because the key engages directly with the multi-point lock. No cylinder means no risk of the door being opened by a burglar snapping, bumping or manipulating the cylinder. The lock edge of the door is then completely wrapped in a 3mm powder coated aluminum strip, top to bottom and front to back creating a seamless single finish.

Combine the lack of cylinder with the patented interface between the the mortice mechanism and the multipoint lock, the hardened steel anti drill plate and the 2 opposing hook lock configuration – Door-Stop doors with this lock are PAS024 accredited and offers the same level of protection as doors supplied with TS 007 3 Star cylinder and handle combinations. Doors with the Fab n Fix or new stainless steel furniture ranges can be built using the ERA mortice lock for no difference in price, and are supplied with 3 traditional mortice keys as standard..


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